Glacier National Park Trip Information
(Last updated on 2005-05-23)

General Info

Trip Dates: Saturday July 08, 2005 - Saturday July 17, 2005
People going on Trip: Scott Messick, Glenn Orton, Darrell Morton
Airport to fly into: Glacier Park International Airport, Kalispell, MT (Airport Code=FCA)

Important Info
Information for the family

Phone Numbers:
(800) 321-8822 = Grouse Mountain Lodge Phone Number
(406) 888-7857 = Glacier Bacountry Office Phone Number

BackCountry Permit:
Number 468 under Scott Messick

Relevent Trip Dates:

07/08/2005: Scott Arrives at Grouse Mountain Lodge
07/09/2005: Glen and Darrell Arrive at Grouse Mountain Lodge

07/10/2005: Enter Backcountry from Logan Pass, Sleeping at GRANITE PARK
07/11/2005: In Backcountry from GRANITE PARK, sleepiong at KOOTENAI LAKE
07/12/2005: In Backcountry from KOOTENAI LAKE, sleepiong at MOKOWANIS LAKE
07/13/2005: In Backcountry from MOKOWANIS LAKE , sleepiong at MOKOWANIS LAKE
07/14/2005: In Backcountry from MOKOWANIS LAKE , sleepiong at MOKOWANIS LAKE
07/15/2005: In Backcountry from MOKOWANIS LAKE , sleeping at GABLE CREEK
07/16/2005: Leaving Backcountry from GABLE CREEK , exiting at Route 17, slepiong at Grouse Mountain Lodge
07/17/2005: Leaving Grouse Mountain Lodge and flying home

Looks like we are in for some great weather

Everyone has a confirmed flight

Scott's Flight info
Scott Will be picked up by the hotel shuttle at baggage claim
Glenn's Flight Info
Darrells Flight Info
Still need to schedule Darrell and Glenn's pickup from the ariport


Grouse Mountain Lodge
(800) 321-8822
Spoke to Roxie
Car rental is available on site
They do have a shuttle to and from the airport
They do not have a shuttle to the park
(it takes 45 minutes to West Glacier Entrance. And then an additional 25 miles to get to Logan Pass)
July 8 + 9 $159 2 queens Total= $346.62 (confirmed)
July 16 $219 2 queens Total= $238.71

Rental car:

Car has been rented For July 8th confirmation has been received

Back country Permit
Refer to the information below when tlaking to a park ranger

Our application has been modified
-We are now able to camp at Granite Lake
PERMIT # 468 (approved permit including GRN)

Our Application has been accepted!
PERMIT # 468 (approved permit)

Our application has been received
According to the US postal Service Certified mail: "Your item was delivered at 10:05 am on April 08, 2005 in WEST GLACIER, MT 59936"

Here is a link to the permit application.
This is the application I wanted to submit
This is the application that was submitted
As you may notice, on the second application, the first campsite isn't until after 27 miles of hiking.
Granite Park and Fifty mountain camp sites are not scheduled to open until August. However the ranger expected they would open early due to light snowfall this year. The Park Ranger mentioned this whole strategy. Since certain sites are not scheduled to open until after my first proposed dates, the route would not be accepted. So he suggested booking KOO for a few nights and then ensure I get the other sites we want. And when the sites I want open up, i can modify the schedule to enable us to stay at Granite Park and Fifty mountain.

(due April 1-15) I will be sending in the permit application on Monday Morning

Are thepreferred sites are open yet? (1 down 2 more to go)
The sites listed below are the sites we would liek to get, but are not cheduled to open up untill just after we leave. However there was light snot in Glacier this year so these sites should open up early. Let Scott know if you see updated info about any of these three sites)
The Backcountry permit office phone number is: (406) 888-7857

FIF-Fifty Mountain:
Scheduled to open on 8/1
We want this site on 7/11
STO-Stoney Indian Lake:
Scheduled open on 8/1
We want this site on 7/12

Finalized Routes

Route + Links Description
First Choice:
a) Topo, 3d and profile view
b) Campsites view (sites we use are on schedule)
c) Schedule and mileage breakdown
cc) Schedule modification to get sites I want (this is the strategy the ranger suggested using, will require change)
44 miles of all terrain with a double stay for base camping. Base camp is at Mokowanis Lake Site.

Start: Logan Pass Shuttle stop
Finish: Chief Mountain Trail head Shuttle stop
Description of topo map icons:
Blue Circles are Shuttle Drop off Pickup locations
Yellow Squares are Sites we will be camping
Red Cone indicate the highest elevation during the trip

About the Routes

Both routs that I plotted out are great. Neither is too extreme. Both routes start up high and work their way down, and have a section of up but nothing too crazy. Also you may notice that there is a fairly large chunk of flat hiking so we won't be humping up a mountain the whole time. Both routes should give us great exposure to everything that Glacier has to offer.

The hike

Since this trip is a lot longer than others we have been on, I expect our hiking style to be a bit different. Instead of our normal "just hike and I'll meet you there" approach that we normally do, I think we will be fairly close together the whole way. Besides, we don’t want the guy up front scaring all the wildlife away before the rest catch up :) The overall average miles traveled will be 8 miles per day. We have all done way more than this before.

Local Outfitters

Phone: (406) 752-2446
(15 miles from our Hotel)

Has plenty of MSR compatable Canisters. He does not specifically sell MSR canisters though.
He stated that the only food bags they all use when in the back country are regular stuff sacs and not dedicated bear bags...
They do not rent crampons or ice axes
Suggested getting iceaxes before crampons
Crampons start at $90
Ice axes start at $75
He said that
Glacier outdoor center may rent crampons/iceaxes (in west glacier)

Phone: (406) 862-7541

Taxi (wont need one - hotel has shuttle)

Phone: (406) 752-4022

Local Travel Agencies

Phone: (406) 752-8770

500 MAIN ST # T, KALISPELL, MT 59901
Phone: (406) 837-7700

Phone: (406) 755-1032

Phone: (406) 758-2811

Essential Skills:

Each Person MUST own and know how to use a compass and a map. Here is a link to the basics of How to Use a Compass. If you have any questions let Glenn or Scott know. A map will be provided to everyone going on the trip, but there are some good maps available in the Web Links Section of this page.

Web Links

Site Name + Link Description
National Park Service (Glacier) Link to National Park Service. Contains Park information including maps and park regulations
More National Park Service (glacier) An additional great resource for Glacier Park information (videos, maps, photos)
Interactive Camp Site Map Has all of the campsites and details the dates there were reservations last year.
Shuttle Schedule Glacier Park Shuttle Schedule and fee's
Glacier Back country guide READ THIS!!!
Glacier National Park Home Page Lots of information on Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park Photo Gallery Gallery of Glacier National Park Photographs. Lots of cool photos of the park best hikes This set of lists shows Glacier to be readers favorite park in a number of categories
Big Sky Fishing This site is focused on fishing but has a lot of tail information for Glacier

Gear List

Each person will need to bring (evolving)

  1. Boots (broken in)
  2. Wool Socks
  3. Base Layer Pants (mid weight)
  4. Base Layer Shirt (mid weight)
  5. Hiking pants
  6. Shell/water resistant pants
  7. Fleece jacket
  8. Shell/Water resistant jacket
  9. Flashlight / Headlamp
  10. food (need to specify amount)
  11. Tent, poles, stakes
  12. Sleeping Bag
  13. Sleeping pad
  14. Backpack
  15. Rope (length?)
  16. Whistle
  17. Water containers (2-3 liters)
  18. Eating Utensil
  19. Waterproof Matches/lighter
  20. Compass
  21. Lip balm
  22. Knife
  23. Trekking Poles (Optional but recommended)

List of gear that will be shared between the group

  1. Water Filters (2)
  2. Pots/Pans (2)
  3. Stoves (2)
  4. Fuel (many)
  5. Sunburn Preventatives
  6. First-Aid Kit
  7. Extra batteries
  8. GPS unit